blond lady smiling with braces

Am I a Candidate?

Yes! 99% of the patients we examine for treatment are candidates for braces of Invisalign. When you come in for your exam appointment we’ll discuss both options and let you decide which would be the best choice. We’ve treated over 15,000 patients with braces!

We use high tech “self ligating” braces in our practice. These braces move teeth quickly with a minimal amount of discomfort. We offer either metal braces or clear (ceramic) braces, we’re happy to treat you with whichever option you prefer.

Braces cost calculator

We never want cost to be a barrier to achieving an amazing smile. Our payment plans are flexible and customized to your budget and needs, use the calculator below to look at your options. If you don’t know your cost of treatment yet, please schedule a complimentary consultation here.